Land Of Illusion

A place I went to a haunted house is called Land Of Illusion. It was really fun my friends and I all went. The friends that all came was Micheal, Brock, Luke, Cole, Drake (Brock’s brother), and I. This was the funnest and the funniest thing I have ever done with all of these people. The first thing we did there was a zombie sniper petrol. We shot the zombies with paint balls, I shot a a lot of them in the head and the stomach. By the end of the ride Brock still had a whole thing of paint balls left in his gun. This one was fun since I got to shoot things.

My second favorite was the Temple Of Terror. Although it was a long line it was worth the wait, since it was so fun. I like this one because when we went in it there was this guy and he could make his voice sound weird/ different. There was this robot thing and it popped out and it scared me, I fell to the ground when it popped out. Also when you were in line they played a movie so you would not get bored in line (that is what I did in line while the others were on their phones).

My third favorite one is called Killer Klowns (I know it’s spelled it wrong that is how it was spelled at Land of Illusion). I like this one because it was really funny and scary at the same time. My friend Micheal kept on asking the girl clowns if he could have their number and all of them said,”666, call if you dare,” and he said,” I already tried and all I heard was AAAAHHHH!” That was the funniest part of that haunted house. There was a part in the haunted house where there was a spinney thing, and you felt like you were spinning but you weren’t. There where a lot other ones and a lot fun things to do there, there is so many things there you will just have to see your self. This was the best, I would do this again. Have you ever been to a haunted house? Would you like to go there?

Other places there- Voodoo Bayou Shanty, Dr. Physio Haunted Estate and  Haunted Trail. They also have a live band and a show you can watch.

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Eli’s Game 2

One major accomplishment that we have had is getting the e-mail out to our mentor. Another one is making the fliers ready (we have not printed them yet). The way I feel about my groups and I’s project is kinda good and bad at the same time. I feel this way because things are not going as planned, that was the bad part and the good part is that we always come up with better ideas every time we meet on Fridays.

One December goal is to get out the fliers. We are hoping to get the fliers out in at least 2 week at the minimum. Another goal is to ask our principal when we can get the gym. We are going to achieve these by going to our principal and asking when we can get the gym and the fliers by asking one of our teacher if they can help print them and get them out.

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My Three Favorite Holidays!

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My first favorite holiday is Christmas. I like Christmas because I get to see my family members. Another reason is opening up presents, I know it is about being with your family and that but I like ripping open the paper wildly and seeing what is under it. Also I like eating the food that is out, especially my grandmas cookies and ham. I also like Christmas because my Aunts, Uncles, cousins, and Grandmas  come up from Lexington (2 cousins 1 Aunt and Uncle) and Tavernier Florida ( 1 Aunt and Uncle and 1 grandpa). My Aunt always makes up fun games for us to play at my other grandmas. I have have 4 Christmases, if you were wondering.

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My second favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I like Thanksgiving because I get to eat with my family. Another reason is I get to eat a lot of turkey, I really like the skin. I also like this holiday because of the Thanksgiving football games, that is the best part of Thanksgiving. My last reason is I get to hunt and that is really fun.

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My last favorite holiday is Easter. I like Easter because that is close to my birthday. Another reason is I get to go out and find Easter eggs that my grandma and aunt hid, the golden egg has money in it and usually it is about 5$. I also like this holiday because I get to eat my grandmas ham, and it is basically like Christmas when my family comes up like in the first paragraph those are the people that usually come up.

Can I Make School Cool?

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If I could try and improve my school the first thing I would do is start a football team. I would get really cool helmets that have a orange and blue camouflage with a silver gator and the players numbers on the other side of the helmet. For the home jerseys I would do a orange and blue camouflage and silver letters that say “GATORS” and the numbers will be on the front and back the numbers will be silver too. For the away jerseys they will be white and orange camouflage with blue letters and numbers. The field would be orange with a blue end zone and white lettering for the end zone that says “GATORS” on both sides, for the numbers and the lines on the field will be blue with a gators symbol in the middle. I would want this because our school could play other schools .

I would put my plain place by having a few fun raisers to get the money for the jerseys, equipment, and the field. Also I would have tryouts for the team and only 22 people will make the team for each grade, also I could ask some people if they will help our schools make a football team.

Eli’s Game 20% Project

What I am doing for my 20% project is a basketball tournament to raise money to give to Eli’s family. We are doing this because Eli was a 6 year old kid that just learned how to ride his bike and he got hit by a car.

Rushed- I am feeling rushed because everything is coming so fast and I can’t keep up. Plus we only have 1 day to do this project which is on Fridays only, and I need more time to do all of this.

Happy- I am feeling happy because my group is getting things done, every time we get together.

Excited- I am feeling excited because we have a good project and I can”t wait until it is in action.

One of my groups major goals is to get the fliers ready.We are going to do this by making the fliers now and then handing them out and seeing who wants to do it so we can make the teams. Another goal is to ask our mentor to help get the gym of my middle school. We are going to do this by contacting back or talking to our mentor about it.  The last major goal is to find out when we are going to do this. We are going to do this by seeing what day we are available to do this tournament games.

See my Visual Aide for more information.

Sports person!

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Hello I am a person that really likes sports, so if you do not like sports get off my post. Just kidding keep on reading it gets way more interesting. I hope we have something in common. Have fun reading. Now you are about to enter this story so keep your eye’s on the screen.

My favorite sports are football, baseball and basketball. I basically just named them in the order I like them in and when I am in high school am probably quite basketball so I can just do baseball and football, those are my two main sports. Since I was just talking about basketball I will just keep on talking about it, for basketball I tried out for my school team and there was like 48 kids trying out for the team and I was one of the 15 people that made the team. For football I play for a team called the Union Raiders but I am about to go into the middle school league for the raiders next year. For baseball I play for a team called the Sharks and hopefully I can tryout for a travel team. My favorite collage football team is Florida gators. All the collage football teams I like from favorite to least favorite are Florida, Tennessee,  Alabama, Notre Dame, North Carolina and Louisville.

This is all of my things that I like. What do you like to do in your free time? Do we have anything in common? What sports positions do you play? Answer all of the questions in the comment box.


Football Fun

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Activity 3- One day I was watching a game of the Green Bay Packers against the Dallas Cowboys. There was at least 5 minutes on the clock left in the 4 quarter the game was really close and I forget the score, and the Packers have the ball and the packers drive it to the end zone for the score. When the Packers kicked it off there was 3 minutes left on the clock, and the Cowboys drive it in too. When the packers got the ball on the kickoff it was great field possession, it was around the 30 yard line, the Packers  trow the ball with Arron Rogers ( The best quarterback in the NFL) and they get to around the other 40. So Packers run the ball to get about nine yards and then we run it again to get the 1st down. Since the Packers are at the 30 they decide to trow the ball and get to the 15 with 1 minute left in the clock and the send Davante Adams and it is a over the shoulder throw and Davante Adams catches the game winner, but the Cowboys still have a chance. The score is 35-31 Packers. The Cowboys get a touch back to start their final drive and they trow a deep ball to Cole Beasley and he catches for a 30 yard gain and with 30 seconds left. They run a play to where they keep it with Dak Prescott and then flip it to Ezekiel Elliot and he runs and then throws/flips it to someone on their team and they run and do everything they can. But did they score to win the game?


Activity 4-

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Football Poem

CampNou - NouCamp

Activity 1-The research I did on attributions is when you give the person who made it credit to the person who made it or did it. The thing I learned from this is that when you get a picture from google or something and you put it on one of your websites then you have to put their name by it or some where. If you take something that you did not make that you got off the internet make sure you always put their name in the thing that you are using to make something, and if you do not do that then that is called plagiarizing.



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Activity 2-

The grass is green,

The players are dirty.

Creative plays are coming.

Players are having fun,

Hard and soft hits,

Broken tackles,

People shaking,

The game winner is here.



My Avatar

  Face your manga

I chose to make my avatar to look like that because I have a football in my avatars hand because I like to play sports a lot and the sports I play is baseball, basketball and football. The reason I put shades and the clothes he is wearing on him on his shirt is superman and his shades are blue and my favorite color is blue, and his shirt is superman since I am indestructible and so is superman. Also the back round is fire and fire is lit and so am I!

My Passion

Super Bowl XLVIII (48) New York New Jersey

Hello, my passion is to play sports. My favorite sports are football, baseball, and basketball. My favorite sport over all is football, because I get to hit, truck, catch, and juke people. Another reason I LOVE football is because, on defense I get to make great plays and tackles to start the game and end the game, also to get my team rallied up for the next play. It feels good when I make a great play or one of my teammates make a great play. On offence when I make a good catch or block.  Over all I like defense better than offense.

My favorite position to play is line backer on defense and on offense I like to play tight end. I started to play football when I was graduating Kindergarten and going into first grade. All of the positions I have played or play are center, tight end, half-back, defensive end, line backer, and I think full back. This is my passion for football, what is your’s?