About me

Hello person that is reading this my name is Maverick R., and I will be telling you about me on this page.

  • Age-11
  • Friends- Ryan, Brock, L.J, Dawson, Nate, Michael, and many more
  • Sports- Football, Basketball, and Baseball
  • Sports positions- Football- Linebacker and tight end. Baseball- Pitcher,Catcher, and Shortstop. Basketball- Center and Small Forward.
  • Favorite song- Bank account
  • Favorite Movie- Bench Warmers
  • Favorite Character From B.W.-Clark, Richie, and Gus.
  • Favorite MLB team- Yankees an Reds
  • Favorite food- Anything really
  • Biggest fear- A little bit of snakes and clowns but I want to see the movie “IT” the new one and the old one

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